The School of Philosophy, Melbourne

The Lifestyle and Culture Lectures Series is an initiative of a group of students from the School of Philosophy, Melbourne. Our aim is to share some of the wonderful topics we study with a wider audience.

The School of Philosophy is a not-for-profit organization that has been offering courses in practical philosophy for over 30 years. Drawing on the great philosophies of the east and west, the non-academic courses explore the meaning of wisdom, truth, consciousness and the real nature of humanity.

To find out more about the School of Philosophy and its courses, please visit our main website.

A Renaissance in Education

If you are interested in the School of Philosophy courses, you may also be interested in Erasmus Primary School.

This school for children was established in 1996 with the support of the School of Philosophy, and is now a thriving concern in the heart of Hawthorn, with nine sister schools around the world.

The school's high-quality academic curriculum is richly complemented with the finest traditions of Art, Drama, Music, Singing, Crafts, Philosophy and Meditation.

Visit the Erasmus Primary School website to learn more.

When was the last time your life felt so simple?
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