Privacy Policy

The School of Philosophy is committed to honest and straightforward dealings in all its affairs. Maintaining the trust and confidence of our customers is our highest priority.

In essence, our Privacy Policy is very simple: any information that we receive about you will remain completely confidential. We will not share your information with any other parties. The only information we receive about you is you name, telephone number and email address, which we use solely to facilitate your enjoyment of our public talks.

Online Purchasing

Online sales from the School of Philosophy are made through PayPal, an internationally recognised online payment facility.

You will notice, during the checkout process, a padlock at the top or bottom of your browser. This indicates that the connection between your computer and the shopping cart is safe and secure. You will also notice that the shopping cart page URL (the 'web address' at the top of the screen) begins with https://, also indicating that this is a security-protected page. (It is never advisable to buy online from sites that do not display a padlock and https:// in their URL.)

PayPal's shopping cart pages are SSL certified and 128 bit encrypted (the current international standard recognised by governments for online security.) Do note, however, that you still need to protect your own computer from attack by running appropriate anti-virus and firewall software. When you make purchases through this process, the School of Philosophy is given access to your email address, but not your credit card information. Your email address is needed so that your receipt can be sent to you. (Regarding this, please see the important notes about your email address on the Bookings page). The School of Philosophy will not use information about you for any other purpose, and will never share this information with other parties. The only information about you held on-site by the School of Philosophy is your name, email address and telephone number, and these are safely stored and cannot be accessed online.

The School of Philosophy will not send you emails except to inform you about your booking, respond to queries, or to let you know about upcoming events if you have indicated that you would like this.

Visiting this Site

The School of Philosophy guarantees complete privacy while you interact with the content on this website.

No information about you is collected as you visit this site. This website does not employ cookies (small files placed on your computer that let a website store information), nor are there any viruses, worms or any other form of spyware associated with this site.