Lecture Eight

January 3rd, 2012

Direct Experience of Reality

Are We Awake or in a Dream?

by David Horan

Can philosophy lead us from the unreal to the real rather than merely filling our heads with more words?

Can the guidance of Plato and Plotinus turn our gaze away from the world of shadows and mere appearances to the light of the true and the unchanging?

This lecture explored these questions and also presented a number of short practical exercises that help to transform the words of the great and inspiring philosophic teachings into direct experience.

David Horan presented From Heaven to Earth: Plato's Philosophy and the World We Live In in 2009, Plato's Five Forms of Government in 2010 and Philosophy & Certainty in 2011,and this lecture proved to be just as insightful, engaging and challenging!

About the Presenter

David Horan is a senior member of the Dublin School of Philosophy, and, in conjunction with the Dublin School of Philosophy and the Irish universities, he has organized the public "Day With Plato" event for the past 21 years, introducing thousands of people to the works of Plato. He has produced dramatisations of the dialogues of Plato each year for this event and more recently has produced three film versions of Plato's dialogues. He has run Plato Study Weeks since 2004 with the Dublin School in Ireland and in Italy and has facilitated four Plato Summer Schools in Melbourne. He has lectured extensively on the dialogues of Plato and has conducted study days and weekends on Plato in England and Holland. With his wife Frances he has been conducting group tours to Greece for 12 years, combining the study of Plato with visits to the sites of the ancient world. This year he led a two-week seminar on Plato's Timaeus at the European Cultural Centre in Delphi, Greece.

David is currently producing a new translation of the entire dialogues of Plato—a substantial project that began in 2008 and will run for some 10 years. Apart from the translation work, his current research interest is self-knowledge in the dialogues of Plato. This work is being conducted at the Centre for the Study of the Platonic Tradition in Trinity College, Dublin.

During his 2010-11 visit to Australia, David will conduct another Plato Summer School in Melbourne and has been invited to facilitate events in Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Wellington and Auckland.

David Horan