Lecture Nine

July 8th, 2012

Philosophy and Parenting

by Shane Mulhall

Why is parenting needed for the human being? What are the three types of child and the three styles of parenting? Do you have a vision for your child and their glorious future?

This talk examined the nature of the child, the different stages of its development and how excellent parenting changes from stage to stage.

The need for love and discipline and how as parents we can fulfil the needs of the child by providing the best of material and company for them.

The lecture explored how to develop reason and reasonable behaviour and the granting of increasing respect and responsibility as they grow. Finally, practical tips were offered on dissolving harmful characteristics in their nature, why house rules are necessary and why we should treat our children as friends from the age of 16.

About the Presenter

Shane Mulhall is married with four adult children. He trained as a chartered accountant with Price Waterhouse, having done a business degree in Trinity College Dublin. He currently acts as a non executive director or chairman of a number of companies in Ireland. He has attended the School of Philosophy & Economic Science in Ireland for 38 years and has been head of it for 20 years.

He has written two courses on parenting which have been attended by over 3500 people. He is frequently asked to give talks to parents and teachers throughout Ireland. He has lectured worldwide, including in the UK, US, Hungary, Canada and South Africa on a variety of topics including love, happiness, reason, careers, freedom, family, marriage, leadership, ethics, relationships, purpose of your life and realising your potential.

Past Feedback

"I first heard Shane Mulhall talk on parenting 10 years ago & his hilarious examples and unique message still rings in my ears. I have yet to hear anything better. Truly life changing!"

Shane Mulhall

Shane Mulhall